Certified Business Valuation report is a document detailing the scope, key assumptions, business valuation methods, and conclusions of a business appraisal assignment. A certified  business valuation report is a typical work product of a professional business appraisal done for a business client. The report documents the important elements of the business valuation that meet the client’s objectives while providing consistent and accurate results.  This report could be used for the purpose of Partner Buy-Outs, Loan Applications, Estate Planning, S Corporations Conversions, Roll-Ups and Ownership Transfers.
Our Certified Business Valuation Analysts are trained and licensed to provide extraordinary Business Evaluation Services and issue business valuation reports in accordance with NACVA standards.

  • The Valuation uses as many transaction databases as needed for market comparisons to reach a conclusion of value.
  • All three valuation approaches considered (income, market, and asset approach).
  • Certified, professional and detailed valuation reports.
  • Certified Business Valuation comes in the form of a report in excess of 40 pages
  • The report is delivered in 10 to 12 days.
  • The service includes free consultation after the report is delivered.
  • Our Certified Reports meet IRS, SBA, and USPAP requirements.


Annual Revenue
Turnaround Time
Years Analyzed
Valuation Analysis
Risk Rate Analysis
Premium & Discount Analysis
Ratio Analysis

Certified Valuation I

Revenue under $500,000
Purpose : Partner Buy-Outs, Loan Applications, Gift and Estate Taxes, Divorce Settlement, ESOPs, Partnership Disputes, 409A Valuation, IPO, Mergers and Acquisitions, Etc
Annual Revenue : Under $500,000
Turnaround Time : 10-12 Days
Years Analyzed : 3 to 5 Years
Report : Full Detailed Report
Approach : Income, Market and/or Asset Approach
Valuation Analysis
Risk Rate Analysis
Premium & Discount Analysis
Ratio Analysis